Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween looks from MAC cosmetics

Big election coming up. And I'm exhausted from a stint in fitness bootcamp. Add on recession blues, and it's a crazy season. So I thought I'd dress my kids up (toddler ladybug and baby bumblebee), grab my stash of good candy (to keep up my hip mama neighborhood rep), and call it a day....er, eve. My pre-comeback Britney bod precludes sexy costumes, and my pride would suffer to show up in anything lame. 

So these great makeup ideas from MAC Cosmetics are made for me and you. Why buy a lame last-minute Jack Sparrow costume when you can go as a water sprite with this Amphibian look? MAC lists all the makeup you need to create the look,  with the idea that you'll print out the look and take it to a MAC counter nearest you -- after all, it's easier to pay for a Halloween makeover than to buy the considerable list of products. 

But if you're a DIY kind of person,  a quick search on YouTube will deliver you how-tos on putting it all together. There are several different ethereal looks, including a tribal look, a female robot titled "Tronika," and a more traditional skull. If you have a bunch of parties to go to or just want to be the wonder of your office Halloween party, check out MAC's lineup and make your appointment today!