Monday, October 20, 2008

If it's good enough for Cate...

Cate Blanchett kicked the Spanish Armada's stern in Elizabeth. Cate Blanchett managed to make elf ears look cool. Cate Blanchett sometimes looks like Bob Dylan. Cate Blanchett has 3 kids and is thirty-nine years old and looks absolutely gorgeous. 

Let me state that this is not Hollywood gorgeous. (Compare CB to Nicole Kidman, her fellow Aussie, who IMO has sold her redheaded beauty birthright for a mess of blonde-botox-pottage.) Part of Cate's beauty is that she's not pathetically trying to stave off time or look like she's 25; much of her sheer gorgeousness is that her inner qualities -- talent, passion, intellect -- shine brighter than her physical charms. That said, her stint as the face of SK-II makes me want to buy up their entire line. I'm most charmed by this statement: 

...there is an intrinsic beauty in every living thing and ... we are at our most beautiful when we are true to this essence, true to our uniquely individual beauty - making our skincare ritual unlike any other.

And on to the products: what Cate espouses on the site are the Skin Refining products -- lotions, a mask, a cream, and a brightener that even out skin tone (in Cate's case, the melasma she had during pregnancy). If you're prone to sun damage or your skin needs a boost following a baby, you can find SK-II products at Saks Fifth Avenue stores or shop online here. The products aren't cheap, but one look at Cate's skin and my wallet is on the counter. 

What I'm waiting for: a TV show called "Cate Blanchett is my BFF." Sadly, anyone who repels the Spanish Armada would never star in that show.